Instability – Questions and Answers

A modern and constantly further developing world that is controlled by systems of virtuality leads to loss of what defines us most. We lose our stability of what we are. You cannot define yourself with what you posess but only with wishes of what you want due to faster changing matter that can change more rapidly than you expect them to do. Maybe you’ve never seen them before and you were shutting them off but sooner or later it won’t stay near you for you to hold and claim to be yours. In case you wonder what I am talking about, answer these following questions for yourself and you will know.

1. How much money do you have and where is it kept?

2. How many grams of love do you receive from your loved one? Or can it all be a lie?

3. How much work have you done in the past 10 years? Probably loads but where do you store all of that “paperwork”?

4. Where are you even now?


To make things easier for your own evaluation, here are my Answers! ____________________________________________________________________

1. Haha, loads of course (as a uni student) and most of it is kept as numbers in one big mess of digits, aslo called a chip card and server.

2. Love is much and I ask for many? 1 gram? Difficult or? Let’s answer this scientifically. If one mole of love is bigger or equal the size of this world (because then we should have world peace) and the avogadro’s constant states a number of 6.022140857(74)×1023 per mole and we currently have 7,328.671.197 (oops too late ^^) people then we should divide avogadro’s by the population and that gives us the result. It’s a big ass number of particles (and as I call them –> love bubbles <– you sit in) for just the two of you. So there’s loads you can share with each other.

3. Honestly, I probably think that 80% is stored up in clouds and servers/internet, files on the own computer or even just on other computers as it was part of a project.

4. Last not least, the good old internet uses the same amount of time from you as it just did to me to answer and read all these questions. Plus once again, it’s nothing to hold on to, forget about and move on. Right?

Be nice and tell me your different thoughts

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