Hellooooooooo! Good observation! It’s me! What a blessing to have you on my page! My name is Yannick and I very welcome you to my journey I am currently undertaking. It basically all began back in 2012 when I decided to put my life into my own hands. A milestone that I will never forget and hope to build upon. When I moved to Australia for 2 years in order to study and complete my international school degree (IB), I was capable to begin a new life with new people and friends who made me realise that facades are absolutely unnecessary. While I was abroad I learnt more than I could ever imagine. Not only that I improved my English skills but also what life has to give. The time living without my family has shaped me into the man I am today and I’m proud of it. There is nothing in this world that would make me regret the time even though I realised when I returned back to Germany that things didn’t quite work out the way I wanted to. My dream was to begin my university degree in the faculty of engineering. To be precise, mechanical engineering. That is where I stand now and I already completed my first semester, however, I had to take an extra route around it to get there at the end which cost me an extra year. I pursued my dream neverthelss and I am absolutely happy with where I stand now and I am also very proud of myself that I didn’t give up any earlier because I am enjoying my course immensely. Throughout the time I appreciated every support I was given by anyone especially by my beautiful girlfriend who I am still capable of maintaining a healthy relationship with even over all that distance. It is more than special to have someone that cares and listens to all your worries and picks you up when you are yet so low on positivity. What I am trying to mention here though is that life has given me news goals. Perhaps I created them myself but I also believe in fate. So, while I am not at university or work to earn any money for my next plane ticket, you will see me on the other side of the world (depending on your location ^^) where I will spend my time catching up with my love as well as friends and my (host)family. It’s a journey worth any money!
The future shines bright and I am strongly looking forward to the time I will be fully educated and assigned with my Bachelor as this will allow me to step forward and hopefully begin to move to Australia for life.

Be nice and tell me your different thoughts

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