Instability – Questions and Answers

A modern and constantly further developing world that is controlled by systems of virtuality leads to loss of what defines us most. We lose our stability of what we are. You cannot define yourself with what you posess but only with wishes of what you want due to faster changing matter that can change more rapidly than you expect them to do. Maybe you’ve never seen them before and you were shutting them off but sooner or later it won’t stay near you for you to hold and claim to be yours. In case you wonder what I am talking about, answer these following questions for yourself and you will know.

1. How much money do you have and where is it kept?

2. How many grams of love do you receive from your loved one? Or can it all be a lie?

3. How much work have you done in the past 10 years? Probably loads but where do you store all of that “paperwork”?

4. Where are you even now?


To make things easier for your own evaluation, here are my Answers! ____________________________________________________________________

1. Haha, loads of course (as a uni student) and most of it is kept as numbers in one big mess of digits, aslo called a chip card and server.

2. Love is much and I ask for many? 1 gram? Difficult or? Let’s answer this scientifically. If one mole of love is bigger or equal the size of this world (because then we should have world peace) and the avogadro’s constant states a number of 6.022140857(74)×1023 per mole and we currently have 7,328.671.197 (oops too late ^^) people then we should divide avogadro’s by the population and that gives us the result. It’s a big ass number of particles (and as I call them –> love bubbles <– you sit in) for just the two of you. So there’s loads you can share with each other.

3. Honestly, I probably think that 80% is stored up in clouds and servers/internet, files on the own computer or even just on other computers as it was part of a project.

4. Last not least, the good old internet uses the same amount of time from you as it just did to me to answer and read all these questions. Plus once again, it’s nothing to hold on to, forget about and move on. Right?


We are all individuals, right?! Well, once you’ve approved to this question you will also agree to that we are all capable of believing, working and loving in different ways. Both ways now lead to something we all humans have in common however, and that is to be showing our capabilities of belief (in ways of faith and hope), work and love (aka passion). We want to succeed, be powerful and fearless sothat we cannot be harmed. But is that really what an individual thinks? Is that absolutely everything one single human desires. Possibly, yes! We as a population are a bunch of individuals, thriving for equality and rights for the common public whereas in reality we don’t want to be judged as the ordinary person. Let it be in court where you hope for a decrease of charges or even just on the streets where you almsot fall into your own grave when somebody’s deep, black eyes stare at you whilst throwing something in the garbage, missing and picking it up again to finally place it correctly. Or maybe as an opposing example when you sit in your next meeting trying to convince your business partners to invest time and money into your latest and greatest upcoming work design in order to achieve the highest outcome and reputation for yourself. You are extraordinary in every kind because we, as a human race, wouldn’t stand where we are now. It’s just like daily life though.

A constant wind blows away the little breezes.

We don’t see the extraordinary in each other as we are all so ordinary to be ordinarilly extraordinary.

Emotions? – Just another barrel of unceratinty

What do we know when we can’t even understand the apparent simplicity of our emotions? We have them but how are they controllable? Fear, anger, happiness, laughter, embarrasment, shame,… Where do they come from and how on earth is it even plausible to agree to their general description of some professors who go through a daily rollercoaster of feelings themselves? Everyone’s biased! ,even the judges who take on decisions from the way they woke up in the morning! And yes, we are only capable of distinguishing from a maximum amount of 32 different kinds of emotions at once. So what does that tell us?! We came that far that we are all individuals so why not differntiate our daily emotions into 6.8 billion ones. Let’s take a guess the next time we see someone on the street how they feel exactly?! And let’s take a guess how well anyone of us judges the strangers we pass who we cannot simply relate to.

Recapturing the Big Bang Evolution

Imagine everyone would restart their life and wouldn’t have anything,.. and I mean, ABSOULETLY NOTHING! It only takes 5 no’s and you’re already at the bottom of the world. No knowledge, no emotions, no sense of perception, no language, no ethics. Yes! Only 5 no’s are the means of everything in life. You can have love, friends, light, air, family, religion, education, politics,… but what are they worth when all you really hold is the thought of a new beginning with a mess of a wiped brain.

*Compensating Scent*

The smell of shower gel, the taste of toothpaste, the feel of water running down your back, compares to nothing when you can have the the scent of your loved one. One single deep breath of hwat you’re craving could be enough to make your day reminisce all the days. Everything else just adds onto your shared life. It’s the details that make the difference because a satisfaction in the head is by far not as much as the one in your heart.

*Love Chain*

Ever thought of how many people could link up to another just because the drive and irresistible wish of your next most important person creates such necessity for you? If every individual would be allowed to choose another ONE person they love in order to live together, then the world population would be focused on just one continent! It’s pretty much like a chain. One piece after another until you can’t see the end anymore. Well, is this just one of my thoughts or is infinity part of the reality that this won’t happen cause people haven’t discovered such end. Dumb, that no one tried to see the outcome before. Nothing has to be swallowed by the dark whole’s negativity!