Who do we rely on when we grow old? Who do we wanna spend our lifetime with? Who can we call at any time of the day? Who is there for you when we have a bad day? Who on earth is the one I can ask for who? And, who will you can put your heart down on to know they will never break it? There must be a some-“who” out there but have you really found them yet?

Pressure? Gimme more!

Where is it? Where can I find it? More of the things every human needs. Yes, pressure I’m talking about. [Sarcasm so far] We all live in a modern world where pressure of any kind rests on our shoulders and we need to deal with consequences and failure we stand up for with our responsibility. It’s hard to accept that we shift that pressure around though but it never leads back up to the leaders in charge who decide on laws, changes, whatsoever that only benefits them as well as accept changes which aren’t visible in their eyes. They release the pressure but never have to deal with the chance of back fired guns. Once you’re on top you can burst it all out! Just like a cannon, and it’s wreckless!