We are all individuals, right?! Well, once you’ve approved to this question you will also agree to that we are all capable of believing, working and loving in different ways. Both ways now lead to something we all humans have in common however, and that is to be showing our capabilities of belief (in ways of faith and hope), work and love (aka passion). We want to succeed, be powerful and fearless sothat we cannot be harmed. But is that really what an individual thinks? Is that absolutely everything one single human desires. Possibly, yes! We as a population are a bunch of individuals, thriving for equality and rights for the common public whereas in reality we don’t want to be judged as the ordinary person. Let it be in court where you hope for a decrease of charges or even just on the streets where you almsot fall into your own grave when somebody’s deep, black eyes stare at you whilst throwing something in the garbage, missing and picking it up again to finally place it correctly. Or maybe as an opposing example when you sit in your next meeting trying to convince your business partners to invest time and money into your latest and greatest upcoming work design in order to achieve the highest outcome and reputation for yourself. You are extraordinary in every kind because we, as a human race, wouldn’t stand where we are now. It’s just like daily life though.

A constant wind blows away the little breezes.

We don’t see the extraordinary in each other as we are all so ordinary to be ordinarilly extraordinary.